1874 Company founded with cotton cloth business.
1951 The business was incorporated.
1955 Introduced a Wilton woven loom to start manufacturing carpets.
1966 Installed Jacquard weaving looms to start producing Axeminster carpets.
1981 Established Sakai Factory (current Main Factory).
1988 Mr. H. Ikezaki became President and CEO of Japan Carpet.
1989 Set up a carpet tile production line.
1996 Introduced a complete set of spinning machines.
1997 Started operating No.1 automated warehouse.
2002 JIS (Japanese industrial standards) certified as a carpet tiles factory.
2004 Formed a business alliance with Chinese Haima Group.
2005 Introduced urethane backing facilities for manufacturing artificial turfs in alliance with Dow Chemical
2017 Entered into full capacity production at (new) Shiga Factory.
2017 Mr. H. Ikezaki was awarded the Ojuhosho (Medal with Yellow Ribbon for industriousness).